Butterfly Babalus Booties



Looking for a comfortable pair of booties for your baby?

Infants finally learning how to stand up and walk is always a special milestone for any parent. However, as they start to get up on their own, their feet can be exposed to dirt, slippery surfaces, as well as cold floors that can bring them discomfort and irritation.

We must give our children the proper gear as they take their first steps. The right footwear should be able to give our littles endless protection throughout the day, whether they're at home, at daycare, or on a play date.

Protect your little one's feet with the Babalus Booties!

We all know how playful children can be. At the end of the day, you might find that they've managed to kick or pull off one or both of their socks. But with our secured booties, you don't have to deal with missing socks again! Each pair comes with adjustable elastic snaps, so you're confident that they stay on your child's feet all day.

Our footwear also provides adequate warmth to your kid's little feet during cold seasons. Each one will feel like a warm hug around their feet, thanks to its soft inner and outer lining made from 100% natural cotton. It's also breathable and lightweight, so your little ones stay comfortable even during the summer.

Your babies will look extra adorable wearing these booties. They’re also available in various sizes so you can find that perfect fit.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons these booties are perfect for your kids:

✅ 100% safe and hypoallergenic
✅ Allows feet to grow without restrictions
✅ Two Snaps for snug fit 
✅ Awesome gift for baby showers and birthdays

Your child deserves only the best. Add the Babalus Booties to your cart TODAY!

Available Sizes: (remember fits like a sock)

0-3 8.6cm

3-6 9.4cm

6-12 11 cm

12-18 11.8cm

18-24 13.4 cm

2t-3T 14.2 cm

3-4 15cm

4-5 15.8 cm

5-6 18.2 cm 

6-7 19.8 cm